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The Pink Envelope

A Crafty Science Project

I've been pretty busy lately. Between Halloween (which was a blast by the way) and trying to get a head start on my Christmas projects I haven't had a lot of time to post about anything. 
The Christmas project I've been working on is taking up a major portion of my craft time. It's going to be huge! I can't wait to share it!
So, last week my youngest daughter mentioned that she had a science project due this next week. She needed to make a model of an animal cell. Pretty straightforward over all. She just needed to make something that at least represented an animal cell and label each part. She was very adamant that she didn't want to use clay and they couldn't use food. She asked if there was anything we could make using my Cameo. Ummm....maybe. Of course the first place I went to was SVG Cuts! I had so many ideas, but I really wanted something that would be easy for her. I came across the Explosion Box SVG Kit and got an idea. 
I cut out all of the piece…

Princess Castle Box Card

I've managed to get 3 projects posted in less than 2 weeks! Go me! Maybe the excitement I feel is only because I hadn't posted anything in like a month before this.

Anyway...Our niece's birthday was last week and we missed it. It's horrible. My husband can never be counted on to remember these kinds of things and I'm usually really good about it, but somehow this one got passed me. My husband will see her tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I made her something I know she would be over the moon for. She LOVES the whole princess gig, so I know she'll love this.
There isn't a lot to say about this project. It kinda speaks for itself, so this will be a quick one! 

Well that's it. Pretty simple! Hopefully I haven't missed anything else important, because I really need to work on my kid's costumes.

You've Been Boo'd!!!

Have you ever heard of Boo'ing? I had, but never had the time nor the inclination to participate. After discussing the idea with my girls (I wanted their thoughts as I was going to make, I mean ask, them deliver them with me) we decided we should do it!

More on that in a second though.

SVG Cuts launched a new kit yesterday! It's called the Fright Night SVG Kit. I literally just downloaded it. Everything about this kit is adorable! Be sure to check it out!

Ok, for those that don't know what it means to BOO, let me explain. You make (or buy, whatever floats your boat) a box, bag or container, and add treats of some kind to it. You also include, some sort of sign that says "We've Been Booed" and instructions for what they need to do next. Then you secretly deliver it to them. They then have 2 days to do the same thing to two more neighbors. It's actually a really simple idea. You can start with one or two, it's up to you. The girls decided I should make …

Autumn Carnival

We finally got moved and settled and for the most part my fingers have healed. Boy howdy am I glad that's over! On top of the house being Trashed (yes Trashed, with a capital "T") we were in a HUGE hurry to get everything moved before my husband had to go back to work. Out of town. For two weeks. Good times. I still feel like I'm running around in circles, but I'm a lil nuts like that anyway sooo...the good news is I no longer feel like I'm on the verge of becoming a mental patient! I think I'll call this one a win. There is plenty to be happy about anyway. While we still have tons to do, as far as fixing the house, at least the worst is over. We have loads of space (I actually have a closet that's completely empty. GASP!), the view is off the hook, and I can tell my kids to go play in the street and mean it (there's barely any traffic). The best part is, if I'm being honest with myself, I now have a craft room! It's huge! The people that…

Happy Halloween! New kit!

We just had Christmas in July, now it's time for Halloween in August! While I can not bring myself to wrap my brain around making anything, even remotely related to the Yuletide festivities (when it's 100 degrees out), I have no problem making a haunted house or a witches hat. I know. Go figure.

Halloween is hands down, my favorite holiday. There isn't another holiday that you can really let creativity reign like you can for Halloween.

For years I made my kid's costumes. When I say I made them, I mean I MADE them. There was no "let's just throw something together really quick and call it good." Oh no. It was all out. No detail was to small. Halloween would no sooner be over for one year, we'd get through Christmas and by January it was time to decide what to do for the following year. I would have to start on them no later than March.

I realized at one point that almost all of the costumes found in stores were a huge waste of money. I would get so fru…

A Tiny Miracle

I had mentioned in my last post that a very dear friend of mine had a baby girl. I think all babies are reason to celebrate. This little one however, has her own cause for celebration. Not only is she the first girl after 2 boys, but she was born on my friend's mom's birthday. Her mom passed away from cancer last year. I had more that I was going to say about this, but I'm getting teary-eyed, so I will just leave it at that and move on to sharing what I've done.
The page layout is from the Tiny Miracle SVG Kit from SVG Cuts. I don't know what it is about scrapbooking, but it feels very intimidating to me. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it. So, I love that Mary at SVG Cuts is brilliant and all you have to do is choose your paper, the layout is already done! I had the Echo Park Bundle of Joy Boy paper already, (for another project yet to come) but when I saw that Mary had used the Echo Park Bundle of Joy Girl Collection, it was a no brainer. Had to us…

Christmas in July!

Now that Independence Day is past, it's time for Christmas! Well Christmas in July anyway. SVG Cuts launched a new kit yesterday. It's a Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit. There are definitely lots of folks that like to get a head start on their Christmas cards. Personally, I'm a "last minute, need to get my act together STAT" kinda girl, but I can appreciate the idea behind starting early. That being said, I'm gonna give myself big fat kudos, because I did purchase this kit today and not at Christmas time. Go me! It well definitely be closer to Christmas before I even think about making any of these, but they are really adorable and are a must for anyone's stash. So go get it!
As always, the kit is free with a purchase of $9.98 or more for a limited time!

My Sister-in-law's birthday was last week, so I needed to make her a card. Sooo many choices! I had really been wanting to make either the Party Box Card from the Summer Box Cards SVG Kit or the one I en…